Moray Laser Intro

Moray Laser

We are proud to introduce the Moray Laser, our newest model: The only underwater laser with all of these features.


  •  Up to 38 % brighter than other lasers in the same power class. (<5 mW IIIa is the most powerful laser now made for underwater use that is legal in the United States.
  • Can safely dive to 400 feet.
  • No screw on front or rear caps to leak.  Made from only 2 solid pieces of aircraft aluminum.
  • Can be operated even while wearing heavy dive gloves.
  • Largest laser mounting assembly of any in its class
  • Cooling fins around the laser head
  • Heavy duty wrist strap
  • Uses 2 inexpensive, easy to obtain AA penlight batteries

 Dealer and Key Man Prices - 1

The ability to point and signal conveniently, day or night, is now provided by the green laser. It is fast becoming a necessary item in every diver's gear list. (The images on this page are simulated)


Dealer and Key Man Prices - 2

Dealer and Key Man Prices - 3


 Dealer and Key Man Prices